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 The XGULONGX build, it's legit.

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PostSubject: The XGULONGX build, it's legit.   Sat Jan 19, 2013 1:49 am

Weapons: Greatsword/ W.e the fuck you want. Seriously.

So let's assume your going Greatsword/ Hammer
This is what I usually use for PvE sometimes i use this same set up for WvW or PvP. Rarely.

Let's take a overlook of our Weapon Skills:
I. Weapon Skills
F1 Arcing Slice - Damage target and buffs you based on adrenaline level. Do it at level 3, don't be fucking stupid.
1. Its your auto-attack lets move on.
2. Hundred Blades - Your single most DPS skill. Ever. Srsly. WTF. Don't Fuck Up
3. Whirlwind Attack - Spin in the direction you choose. Great mobility with this one.
4. Bladetrail - Throw your sword, and applies crippling on target.
5. Rush - Charge to your target and do damage. Also great mobility with this skill. Don't Fuck Up

F1 Earthshaker - Leaping ground targeted skill. Leap in, Smash floor, Stun targets nearby. Win. Kind of an important skill to chain into your other skills. If you fuck up... really?
1. Again, auto-attack, move on.
2. Fierce blow - Puts weakness on your target. meh.
3. Hammer Shock - Cripples targets in a cone shaped area of effect.
4. Staggering Blow - 360 degree knockback, knocks the fuck outta people. FYI You can't move while doing this. Don't Fuck Up
5. Backbreaker - Your target takes a nice long look at the floor and admires it for a while.

II. Skill Chain
So the general use of this setup is...
(Quick Note: I have a the rune where whenever I swap i gain might.)
Greatsword 5, Greatsword 4, Swap, Hammer F1, Hammer 5, Swap, Greatsword 2.

If you want to be fancy with your group you can go...
Hammer F1, Hammer 3, Hammer 4, Swap, Greatsword 5, Greatsword F1, call out target and focus with Greatsword 2.

Now, you're probably wondering. Why not open with Greatsword 2? Why not just use that right off the bat?

Here's why:
You stand still like a fucking pole when you use that skill.

III. Class/Race Skills

My usual skill set up:

Path 1: Full Signet
Healing: Healing Signet
7. Signet of Fury
8. Signet of Might

9. Dolyak Signet/Signet of Stamina (I usually switch between these two depending on where I am heading.)
10. Signet of Rage

IV. Traits
I typically won't change them around too much except for the Major Skills in each trait tree.

Strength 30:
Major Strength Traits:
Great Fortitude: 5% of power is given to as a bonus to vitality
Berserker's Power: Increased damage base on how much adrenaline. Stage 1: 3%, Stage 2: 7%, Stage 3 3%
Slashing Power: Greatsword and spear damage increased by 10%

Arms 10
Major Arms Traits:
Deep Strike: Gain +40 Precision for each unused signet you have

Discipline 30
Major Discipline Traits:
Signet Mastery: Signets recharge 20% faster
Heightened Focus: Gain Critical Chance based on Adrenaline. Stage 1: 2%, Stage 2: 5%, Stage 3: 9%
Sweet Revenge: 100% Chance to rally if you kill someone while under Vengeance.[/b]

Rebani Asks: What do you do about knockbacks and knockdowns? Do you just take it like a bitch?
@Rebani: This is where it is clearly dependent on the player. I watch the targets movements carefully and if I see any type of long charge or big animation before contact skill, then I dodge or interrupt them. It's is kind of a general rule i use when I play.

I'll post my other setups later on and clear any confusion there is later on. This is only the beginning. Very Happy

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PostSubject: Re: The XGULONGX build, it's legit.   Sat Jan 19, 2013 3:06 am

Like a fair number of other warrior builds I've seen, the biggest problem seems to be: what to do if someone uses knockdown or knockback on you while you channel your 100B. Is this supposed to be used with 5 signets and Dolyak activation?
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PostSubject: Re: The XGULONGX build, it's legit.   Sun Jan 20, 2013 8:53 pm

made a few changes. check it out Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: The XGULONGX build, it's legit.   

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The XGULONGX build, it's legit.
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