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 MasterEyeball, the Christmas Charr

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PostSubject: MasterEyeball, the Christmas Charr   MasterEyeball, the Christmas Charr EmptyThu Jan 10, 2013 7:25 am

Good evening Ladies and Gents, my name is MasterEyeball, though I prefer my character name Jagalapeno, Jag for short. First MMO in my life and loving it! <3

Lvl 80 Guardian
Lvl 350 Armor smith
Lvl 50 Artificier
Lvl 50 Cook
Lvl 50 Huntsman

I love mapping, jumping puzzles, and running through story lines. When I'm not doing these, I like bashing on angry skritts and dredges. Looking for a lovely someone to run through Tyria with and open the both of us to new and exciting experiences. I also love long walks along the beaches of Blood Tides and cuddling by a toasty fire in the taverns in Dredge Haunt cliffs.

Feel free to drop a line, I'm up for light chatter and low experience runs that could turn into something tougher in the long run Smile
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MasterEyeball, the Christmas Charr
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