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PostSubject: Conscíence   Conscíence EmptyWed Jan 09, 2013 8:23 pm

Hello everyone and thanks for inviting me to the guild.

My account name is Godemis.8963 and my characters are:

• Conscíence
-Hammer/Greatsword with Altruistic Healing
-Level 80
-Armorsmith: 400
-Weaponsmith: 400
-Jeweler: 400

• Omniquitous
-Level 55

• Omnify
-Greatsword/Sword x Pistol
-Level 2
-Tailor: 0
-Artificer: 0

• Godemís
-Dagger x Dagger/Shortbow
-Level 1
-Leatherworker: 0
-Huntsman: 0

For when I can play, I work until about 5 CST during the week and I am on fairly often.

Other than that I'm looking forward to being in this guild.
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