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 Eerorgon Lv80 guardian

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PostSubject: Eerorgon Lv80 guardian   Eerorgon Lv80 guardian EmptyTue Jan 08, 2013 2:39 pm

My name's Dylan, but you can call me Eerorgon, ConfusedGrandpa, Kaito, or just Dylan, which ever you prefer. I have a lot of MMO background, including Guild Wars 1 as well as many other mmos, but i play a lot of other types of games as well. I play as a close range guardian with a Greatsword, Berserker Build. I also tend to use Sword and Shield, Sword and Torch, or Scepter and Torch. My build is pretty Glass Cannon, but I make up for that with my damage output. I'm on Team Speak pretty much everyday and I run CoF, AC, CoE, and FotM daily. I play WvW with other members of SAO in both Squads and Zergs, as well as play structured PvP. I also have a Lv28 Thief, Lv18 Warrior, and Lv18 Necromancer. If you wanna play with me, message me anytime. See you guys in SoS!

P.S. Afro face afro
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Eerorgon Lv80 guardian
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