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 Yo! Marcus here.

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Yo! Marcus here. Empty
PostSubject: Yo! Marcus here.   Yo! Marcus here. EmptyWed Feb 24, 2016 8:49 am

Yo, I'm an 18 year old male, until now I've usually played solo, doing mainly PvE and some dungeons as well as the personal story. I'm pretty sociable and am willing to have some fun with anyone doing whatever! I'm geared in full exotics right now. Currently my goal is to acquire the legendary Incinerator dagger.

Basic Info:
-Character Name: Marcus Kolvador
-Class/Race: Thief/Human
-Level: 80
-Job Professions and Job Levels: Chef (14) and Weaponsmith (155)
-Time Schedule (school/work/etc): I go to school, so I may not be on that much during the week, depending on the homework and tests I have.
-Who invited you (please use the account name and not character name): N/A

Account name: Marcus Kolvador.4913
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Yo! Marcus here.
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