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 Would like to join.

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Would like to join. Empty
PostSubject: Would like to join.   Would like to join. EmptyFri Aug 02, 2013 10:15 am

Name: Prozax.9062
Race: Human
Prof: Guardian(30)/Thief(70)

How I found you: I watched SAO and when I saw the Knights of the Blood Oath, I instantly thought, "There should be a guild on GW2 modeled after that." So I poked around and found this guild on Guildex.

About Me: 21 years old. Living in China and going to college here. Been in the MMO circuit for over 10 years (Lineage 2, WoW, Aion, Tera) As well as FPS games, and was a competitive PvPer in WoW, L2, and League of Legends. I live for PvP, but also like to have some days of just mindlessly farming a zone and getting mats/gold. I play almost everyday and I do my best to help other players when I see they need help, or when they ask.

If accepted to the guild, you could expect me to be a strong PvPer. One who understands the dynamics and tactics in PvP, as well as understanding the other classes, and not just my own. I have a few questions about the guild and how it is run. As of current, I am in a friend's (met in game) guild (<10 members) and am working on getting him further progressed in the game and helping him out a little. I am looking for not just a social gathering guild, but a tight knit 'family' that likes to help each other out and just have fun doing random "events" together. Kind of like when Kirito was in the small guild towards the beginning of SAO (until they all died).

Someone please contact me via mail in game so I can get some info and hopefully join. Smile
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Would like to join.
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