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 Raffle and after Beta of Custom sPvP games come out

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PostSubject: Raffle and after Beta of Custom sPvP games come out   Fri Apr 26, 2013 11:44 am

We should do something that has a participation price, and the prize will be some of that gold. As we keep growing and have more members outside of SoS, it maybe a good idea to hold raffles and other paid events for gold prize to the winner+runner ups, the rest will pay for influence + other guild expenses.

Since we do a lot of guild bounties it has done well with keeping up with influence, but it will come to a point where we will have not a lot of people to do guild bounties and/or more members outside of the server THUS means we will not get influence back for the participating member.

Not to mention, there is other expensive uses that the guild would need at some point in the near future. An example is Siege. Sometimes guild siege, badges of honor (sometimes you can't get daily chests all the time) and the commander's money is not enough. If anybody in our guild is intending to use commander badge in WvW, they'd better have siege with them. This funding will help that, and in turn it will get us more members.

If people like this idea, I will talk to the rest of the admin to figure out how we are going to do this. I think we can make an view able google spreadsheet that can calculate the prize, and keep a track of participators.

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Raffle and after Beta of Custom sPvP games come out
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