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 Post Bounty Event!

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PostSubject: Post Bounty Event!   Mon Apr 22, 2013 5:23 am

Following today's Guild Bounty we will host one of the following events!

-Human darts:
  • Conquer your fear of heights and jump off a cliff trying your best to land (alive or dead) at my location! Players will gather at a tall cliff or ledge and will leap and try as best as possible to land where my corpse lays dead. The closest three win!
    Bonus: players that score a direct hit and land on my body (covering at least 50% of my corpse) will be awarded +1 Gold to their prize!

-Hide and Go Seek:
  • Think you know the landscape well? Think again! Find me at my commander icon, but be warned there are some places that walls are not all that real, and finding me could prove a challenge for those that don't think outside the box. First three to find me and be close enough to stand next to me win! DISCLAIMER: to those that do find me, please DO NOT give away the location via guild chat, whisper, mail, or any other form of communication.
    Bonus: Find me in under 5mins to receive +1 Gold to your prize.

-Name That NPC:
  • Phrases from particular NPCs across the world will be taken and it'll be up to you to hunt them down and name them! We will quote the phrase and give you the map that the NPC is located at. For this event whisper the answer to myself or the event coordinator. This event will have three NPCs and three prizes, each guild member may only receive one prize per event.
    Question: "It was a hard fight, but we have secured the gate to the Citadel of Flame" #Fireheart Rise
    Answer: Haki Wolf watcher

    Bonus: Locate an NPC in under 5mins to receive +1 Gold to your prize.

-The Great Race Party:
  • Race across maps and navigate through enemies to go from point A to point B as fast as possible! No waypointing allowed, you die you may return to the starting point. Road Markers will be placed along the maps to assist you. All maps are a possibility so be ready for the challenges that will await you! First three to get to the end win! DISCLAIMER: You must be in a party with a participating admin during this event!
    Bonus: Arrive at the finish line with full health and no conditions to receive +1 Gold to your prize.

This Week's Prizes are:
1st: 100 Heavy loot bags
2nd: 50 Heavy loot bags
3rd: 25 Heavy loot bags
All other participating Guild members: 10 Large Loot bags
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PostSubject: Re: Post Bounty Event!   Fri Apr 26, 2013 11:22 am

Cool ideas! Hard to say what I want to do!
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Post Bounty Event!
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