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PostSubject: Militia Commander   Militia Commander EmptySun Feb 17, 2013 9:32 am

Kind of a rant, but this is revolving around the lack of Militia Commander since Kurthos and Patone play significantly less nowadays. I want to put this up before I speak out loud to other guild leaders about our lack of militia commander and our lack of aggressive tactics.

Quote :
So, to return to this topic post release of our Server Wide TS...it has been a great tool to get people involved and teach them the basics to WvW.

I don't assume to know everything, by far there is better commanders then me that can handle their shit better then I can. It's freakin nerve wrecking to command. I would rather take small teams and gank all day...but that's sometimes not in the cards and that would need a large zerg causing enough attention for back caps to go unnoticed.

Then again, when I have to explain to someone what CC means...it makes me baffled how we are in Tier 1. Now, I give people benefit of not assuming their background. Hell, I met a commander in EB that never played WvW until now. I learned ALOT from just playing with following guilds from here. Not to knock any other guild, but Lance and I are big fans of MERC. Just listening in, is wealth of knowledge and same goes for the guilds that I sat in their v-comms pre-server wide TS days. From that, I just repeated what I learned to the people that did not know things via our Server TS. All I did is just regurgitate knowledge, and tried to type that stuff fast for those that don't come into the Server TS.

I did this around Saturday morning (server time/PST) and it worked out well. I know next time to TELL people to ignore the other commanders so they can follow my ass when I want to get the mutherfreakin PPT up. I don't rage on people, and I try to calm people down on the TS when things get funky. I directly whisper players to do ____ task while I do ____ task with the zerg. This is what I think a Militia Commander means, and what should be a practice we all adopt.

Some may not agree with Patone, but lets set aside character flaws and look at the fact of the matter is that he got the job done in EB. What I took from him, was taking the zerg in a skirmish (guerrilla warefare) styled tactic to get the zerg kills to build morale and and never EVER stop moving. He played aggresive, and in you the enemies face. He brought the enemy to his terms, instead of reacting to their movement. You DON'T need a zerg to hold keeps or to go do repairs, just have a handful do it. Whisper to someone if you have to. Zerg Roamer is the best way I can put it.

Anyways, I am sure that most already know these things and I am just saying outloud what everyone already knows. Sorry if that is the case, but I needed to get this off my chest after almost 24hours of playing.

BUT in the end, you want people to say, "So many bags of loot!"
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Militia Commander
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