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 SoS Server Wide TS

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PostSubject: SoS Server Wide TS   Mon Feb 11, 2013 5:00 am

ATM There is a limit to the number of players and it is made by [ZN] Guild Leaders, but eventually they will get more slots and many Guild leaders will have control to as far as our personal channel is available. As Guild leaders we have a responsibility to give this to the general public in the Borderland we are in. There is special permissions for Spec Ops channels for highly coordinated small teams that are mostly likely guild members from either the same or cross guilds. This will make our efficiency in WvW vastly better, and we can use this as a way to recruit more players as well.

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We have a Server Wide Community TS3: SoS.servegame.org | Community Website: Sea-Of-Sorrows.com

EDIT: The limit to amount of members have increased to (I think) 500. Either way if more is needed then it will be increased. It is being hosted by [ZN] Zero Negative Guild leaders. They're for the most part inside the TS and is ready to be talked to.
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SoS Server Wide TS
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