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 General Event Rules

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PostSubject: General Event Rules   Sun Dec 23, 2012 5:55 pm

Time to time we will be coordinating guild events. We urge all our members to participate and contribute to the fun. Events such as:

  • sPvP tournaments- Group in into parties and fight your guildmates to test your strength.
  • Holiday item collections- Collect as many of the unique holiday treats for our guild chef to mass craft food items for the guild.
  • Progression Events- Achievement points, tittle races, leveling up characters, ect..
  • Jumping puzzle races- Test your jumping skills on some of the worlds most interesting jumping puzzles.
  • Map races- Strip naked and streak your way across maps, no waypoints allowed unless you die. If you do die then a warp back to the assigned starting point.
  • Map hide and seek- Show us your stalker skills,find me or a specific NPC that i will give out clues on our location. For the NPC hunt you'll need to take a screen shot with Shift+PrtScr and post here on the forums before anyone else.
  • Human Darts- Climb mountains only to jump off them and land on my location at the bottom, Who ever is closet wins, a bit of a bonus to who ever gets a bulls-eye.
  • Scavenger hunt- Find select trophy items like porous bones and show how many you can collect in a set amount of time. Party up with guild mates to hunt faster!

-Must be representing SAO at all times
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PostSubject: Re: General Event Rules   Sun Apr 28, 2013 1:11 pm

Idea for really fun map races: you have to make a new toon and run at level 2.

Hard mode: you must start as a level 1 toon.
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General Event Rules
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