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 WvW Ranking Reset - All hands on deck

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PostSubject: WvW Ranking Reset - All hands on deck   Wed Jan 30, 2013 9:48 am

All hands on deck, SoS has a clean slate and this is the opportunity to show the other servers and our fellow guilds that SAO Kings are here to stay.

Get your dungeon runs and fractals out of the way, because we are going in those queues to rape face together! If we get the chance to run with Tysm, Work, or Merc then I'll make sure to cross communicate our own squad to help the main zerg train. Depending on our role, we'll be supply choking our enemies or bunker defending our keeps. Be prepared!

I will take the time to talk about our strategy, and hopefully by this weekend we can all have our build streamlined for maximum efficiency. See you all in the battlefield.

WvW Server RANKING reset
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WvW Ranking Reset - All hands on deck
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